Monday, July 12, 2010

Why a mental supplement?

Think about the mental aspect of your sport.

If you participate in a team sport like football this should be easy - what move to play when and how the other team is playing. The number of times an individual has choked or had a brain-snap, giving away points or territory unnecessarily.

In solo sporting pursuits it may be less obvious, but is still prevalent: the martial artist who needs to overcome his opponent's strategy, the car driver who needs to hit the turn perfectly or the runner who needs to implement her race plan with absolute focus.

If sportsmen are using protein, creatine and any number of other supplements to boost muscle power then it stands that a mental supplement should be of equal importance in sports. I can think of a few where it might even be of greater importance.

Perhaps more importantly a mental supplement is not just about cognitive enhancement during the end competition, but the potential for a compounding advantage. The benefits of accelerated learning when applied to a training program are immense. The ability to retain more plays, to learn new techniques rapidly or to adjust to a new directive from a coach is increased. When you compound that across the many training sessions of a modern athlete the results could be phenomenal.

The coming posts will consider some of the more popular supplements and hopefully find a few new ones you haven't heard of. The ingredients of energy drinks that claim mental benefits will be examined as well as some of the more traditional herbal supplements like ginko biloba. Without the resources to create a trial to any decent standard we will rely on publicly published scientific studies as the basis for findings.

By the end we should have a good idea about how to improve our game through supplements or if it is even currently possible.

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